Today I gonna tell you about 10 secret ways to say congratulations in English I know most of you got confused about how but this is the best technique that you will change your wishing technique.

5. Secret ways to say Congratulations in English

1. Props!
When you want to give someone their due, this useful statement definitely hits the nail on the head.

2. Three cheers!

Generally, three cheers are followed by "for" and the name of the person or object being honored.

3. Kudos!

Kudos has its origins in the sacred halls of academic institutions, despite its informality.

4. a round of applause

The act of clapping one’s hands together to show acclaim is actually much older than you might think. Scholars are unsure of the exact origin,

5. congratulatory emoji

Sometimes, it is better to use pictures rather than words to congratulate someone. 

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