coin app really offers a bunch of different features and ways how you can earn coin that you can asset then redeem for physical rewards or cryptocurrencies to actually get a monetary benefit out of using coin app so i do my best to cover everything in the shortest amount of time possible and also do my best to cover the paid features that boost your earnings like for example the physical nfc card or bluetooth. dongle that you can buy on the coin app website and also obviously the paid subscriptions that also boost your earnings so that in the end after reading this article not only will you know how to earn the most on the free plan but you'll also be able to better charge if either getting one of the physical devices for a one-time purchase or going for a subscription or going for both is actually profitable in your case and based on my experience i already decided that i will definitely go for the pro subscription that comes at 34.99. if i remember it right and additionally i also ordered not only one of the physical devices but the nfc card and the bluetooth dongle to boost my earnings further because i strongly believe that for me getting those devices and the pro subscription will actually be profitable in the long run based on how my days are structured how much time i can spend on the phone. and

how i can integrate the tasks that i

have to do within coin app in my daily

workflows and daily routines for you

this might be a different scenario and

for you it might not be profitable at

all but that's what this video is for to

show you on which plans on the free plan

one of the paid plans on the free plan

with one of the physical devices and so

on you'll actually end up earning the

most and with that we can already jump

into coin app and as usual i've opened

the app up on my phone i'm gonna share

the screen with you guys here the first

thing i want to mention here if you're

just signing up for coin app which you

can by the way do by using the link in

description down below or the first pin

comment that will give you 1 000 coin

sign up bonus you will not see the same

icons i see and as mentioned in my

original review you will just have to

press that blue pickaxe icon manually to

basically first unlock the auto explore

feature so you see auto explore at the

bottom which is active for me right now

and to also unlock all the other

additional features that you currently

can see on my screen in addition to that

even once you've unlocked everything you

might not see all these icons on the

right side of the screen you will have

to basically click on the plus icon in

the top right corner and you see that

there is like a pin icon next to some of

the things like the bonus drops the

hotel rewards background rewards and the

extension devices and you basically

decide which of those icons you want to

have available on the right hand side of

your screen and which of those icons

makes sense for you to be on the screen

depends on which features you plan to

utilize i've enabled everything right

now so that i'm also able to cover

everything in this video based on

experience i already know that many of

you will not watch this video until the

end which is unfortunate because you

might miss out on some tips and tricks

on how to earn more within coin app but

because i know that i'm gonna do you all

a favor and i'm gonna start with the

most important feature first and that

would be the background rewards that's

the robot icon on the right which you

also unlock after using the app for a

little bit manually however don't worry

it will not take hours to unlock those

features it takes roughly 15 to at most

30 minutes of manually using the app

until you have everything unlocked that

you can use and that we will cover

within this video now as you can see my

robot icon right now says ready to

collect because i've had the app run in

the background and when i press on that

i can collect 10.11 coins for having the

app run in the background for 1.37

hours now i press collect here and i can

go to the robot icon again to see the

actual robot background rewards screen

and this is an important part and that's

something that unfortunately i got wrong

in my original review of coin app

because the app will not constantly mine

for you in the background if you pay

close attention you see that it says

current charge 1.64 hours and it also on

top of that if you pay attention to

where it says basic plus and pro

mentions that it can run for a maximum

of three hours i get one time the

rewards and it takes 90 minutes to

recharge what that means is that for

every 90 minutes that i actively use the

app or at least have it open in the

foreground i'm able to use the

background miner so i have the app in

the background and not on the foreground

on the phone but obviously don't quit

the app so it still needs to be in the

background somewhere for a maximum of

three hours on top of that if you pay

attention to the bottom two check boxes

you will notice the ten times boost for

always location so the background mining

task would usually only give me the same

rewards that i get from manually mining

but by granting the app always access to

the location data you actually receive a

10 times boost for background mining

which means the longer you can mine in

the background that more you will

actually earn because of this incredible

boost so if you would want to maximize

your earnings on the free plan you would

have the app open for 90 minutes or one

and a half hours and then you would have

in the background for three hours and

then again one and a half hours in the

foreground three hours in the background

you could do that by setting yourself

reminders and alarms on your phone to

kind of like switch at the perfect times

it's also not a big issue if you don't

adhere exactly to those times because as

you see i still right now have 1.72

hours background mining or background

rewards charge left which means

technically the only thing that's

important when you want to maximize your

earnings would be that every time you

are fully charged so it reaches three

hours of charge for your background

rewards you actually put the app for

three hours in the background to get the

maximum of those three hours with the

ten times mining boost and this is in my

opinion the one thing where the paid

subscriptions make the biggest

difference because if we check for

example the plus plan not only will you

suddenly get two times the reward

background mining plus the 10 times

boost for always location but on top of

that you only have to keep the app in

the foreground for 45 minutes to then

have background rewards available for

six hours so you only have to use the

app half the time in the foreground and

can use it twice as long in the

background with a basic two times

rewards boost for the plus plan plus

again the 10 times boost if you granted

the always location access and if we go

further to the pro plan it becomes even

better because as you can see here first

of all you get three times rewards that

you would usually get still combined

with the 10 times rewards boost for

always location but the really amazing

thing on the pro plan and the main

reason why i'm gonna go for it is you

only need to have the app in the

foreground for 30 minutes and you'll be

able to use it in the background for

nine hours so with the pro plan you

could for example in the morning when

you get up and have breakfast have the

app open for 30 minutes using the auto

explore feature so what you see in the

background so that it automatically geo

mines the locations where you're

currently at and then have it nine hours

so pretty much your entire working day

or whatever you're doing during the day

in the background and earn three times

the rewards plus 10 times location boost

bonus which pretty much maximizes your

earnings one thing i'm unfortunately not

sure about yet however because i don't

have the pro plan yet is if those 10

times boost for always location and the

three times rewards stack in a way that

it's then 30 times rewards or if they

stack in a way that it's 13 times reward

however the biggest difference is the

following if we look again on the basic

plan we have three hours of background

rewards and then 90 minutes or one and a

half hours of recharging which means if

we look at a nine hour window we have

six hours with background rewards and

three hours where we have to have the

app in the foreground assuming that we

managed to perfectly exactly after three

hours and exactly after one and a half

hours bring the app in the foreground or

put it in the background with only the

ten times boost for always location and

no additional boost if we compare that

with the pro plan well there in nine

hours or nine hours 30 so just a little

bit more time we actually have nine

hours of full boost and not only do we

get the 10 times always location boost

but also a three times basic boost so in

the end you'll earn way more with this

obviously that's not all that these

subscriptions have to offer so there are

other benefits as well that however

doesn't mean that they will be

profitable for you i just wanted to

point out that this is one important

reason why one or why i personally am

going for the pro subscription and why

others might consider it as well

because the background miner is

definitely the feature you want to focus

on to earn coins in the background but

again summary

if you're on the basics on the free plan

you will have to basically throughout

your day over and over again actively

use the app or at least have it in the

foreground which means it will drain

your battery also more and it might if

you are on the road during the day for

example cause you to run out of battery

while you're still outside and have no

ability to charge your phone right now

whereas if you go for the pro

subscription you likely won't have that

problem because you only have to use the

app 30 minutes and then it runs nine

hours and collects for you in the

background with an incredible boost of

three times basic rewards plus the 10

times background always location rewards

in other words the background rewards

feature is kind of like a semi-passive

thing because you constantly have to put

in a little bit of your time depending

on if you're on the free plan or on the

paid plan it's more of your time or less

of your time to charge the background

rewards and then you can have it run in

the background to passively earn more

coins but as mentioned that's by far not

the only way within coin app to earn

coins but it's the core feature within

coin app so actively mining for a little

bit and then using the background

rewards is kind of like the basic thing

to understand and master and integrate

into your daily flow to get the most out

of coin app but now that we've got that

covered we're going to quickly go

through all the other features and we're

going to start with some of the passive

aspects first we're still staying on the

right hand side of the app and there you

can see below the robot you see this

pile of coins icon and when i press that

you can see that it says total rewards

so basically for you holding coins

within coin app or for you holding xyo

tokens in a verified wallet or for you

providing liquidity on uni swap for xyo

tokens well you get interest so for the

coins that you have within coin app you

receive 3.6

interest per year that are paid to you

daily and as you can see over the last

15 days i actually earned 6.64 coins

this way it's obviously not a fortune it

won't make you rich but it's nice to

have and it's fully passive all you have

to do is once per day once this orange

tile on the right with the coins filled

up click on it and press the collect

button as for the verified wallet so for

xyo tokens that you hold in a wallet

that's verified where you receive 0.7

for that you would have to go to

log in there and then go to verify in

the menu and use for example metamask to

basically verify your ethereum wallet so

that your coin app account is more or

less linked with that ethereum wallet so

that coin app for your account checks

the xyo balance in that wallet and then

also gives you that interest which is

something i'm going to do once my first

payout of roughly 300 xyo tokens that i

requested yesterday will be processed it

also will not be a fortune but it will

make a small difference in the long run

one thing to consider here now is

obviously the interest for having coins

within coin app is way higher than the

interest for holding xyo tokens so

should you maybe not redeem your coins

and just hold them in the app the answer

to that in my opinion is a definitive no

because when you redeem your coins you

get roughly five dollars worth of xyo

tokens for 10 000 coins so if you hold

your coins in coin app and never redeem

them well you would get more interest in

coin however every time you redeem your

coin you receive roughly five dollars

worth of xyo tokens for roughly 10 000

coin which means that if the price of

xyo tokens increases which is what we're

all hoping for when we're using coin app

to earn xyo tokens

then you actually might end up in quotes

losing money or losing balance because

you still have coin which means when you

then redeem them you will receive less

xyo tokens so in my personal opinion it

makes sense every time when you reach

the minimum amount to redeem coins to do

so and then to hold your xyo tokens and

potentially i said verify your ethereum

wallet as well to receive the interest

on those xyo tokens within coin app as

well as for uni swap liquidity well

that's a totally different topic that

we're not going to dive into in this

video there are plenty of tutorials on

how uni swap works already on youtube so

if you're curious on that specific

aspect well i recommend you just check

for uni swap provide liquidity tutorials

on youtube one thing to point out here

is not only for the xyo token but in

general if you use your cryptocurrency

to provide liquidity on uni swap not

only would you in this case get interest

within coin app for the liquidity that

you provide but you'll also get interest

for transactions on uni swap that use

your liquidity to basically make them

possible so uni swap is something you

definitely want to look into but if

you're just getting started with

cryptocurrency then put it on a do later

list because it's not something basic

that any beginner has to know understand

and fully know how to do with that we've

pretty much covered the huddle rewards

which is the first passive feature

within coin app which takes us to the

next feature on the list and in this

case we're again looking at a kind of

semi-passive feature and that would be

geoclaims which is the flag icon in the

bottom right and if i press on that you

can see that it highlights kiev and that

there is like a purple square overlaying

a certain area and this is basically the

area i'm currently in now geoclaims work

in a way that everybody in this purple

area that is not on a paid plan

basically pays 10 of the coins that they

geo mine into a pool now you can see

this pool is currently 71.43 coin that

geo claim always lasts for a week so

every monday it resets and i can pay

coins and as you can see i already paid

five coin and i could increase that in

increments of five to buy a share of

that square now right now my ownership

among the seven owners so there are six

other users that paid at least five coin

for the square is less than one percent

which means out of those

71.43 coin i will likely get less than

one percent so 0.7 coin now here it

really depends on the area you are in

how many coin ab users are there how

many of those are actively using geo

claims and you might have to just give

it a try here and there in my first week

i actually made 200 coins profit with

the geoclaim and last week i actually

lost i think 60 coins so i paid more

than i actually got out of it but it's

another passive way to increase your

coin balance this is however one feature

that's very interesting if you're moving

around at least a little bit or if

you're traveling a lot because you're

not limited to setting a claim on this

one square that you see on your screen

but if i were to go for example into the

city center of kiev right now i would

see the square for this area there and i

could set another claim there so you can

have multiple claims within different

areas assuming that you are within that

area during the week and then simply pay

or add your five coin increments to buy

your share of that area which means that

chances are you might find an area where

more coin ab users are active that could

be for example an office district where

a lot of people that might use coin app

during the week go for work and

therefore have coin up run in the

background well if you then also go in

that area and you stake your geoclaim

and get a high enough percentage it

might turn out to be a highly profitable

endeavor for you however as sad it

really is like a try and error to figure

out in which claim areas that whole

thing will be profitable consistently

the last thing to mention here in

regards to geo claims is the difference

between the free and the paid plans if

you are on the free plan as mentioned

ten percent of the coins that your geo

mine actually go into that pool and are

then distributed among the owners of the

jio claim whereas if you're on the paid

plan you keep those 10 percent and coin

app itself provides the 10 to the pool

so they are not lost the pool doesn't

get smaller it's just not taking out of

your balance which means that besides

the boost in background rewards that we

already covered for the paid plan going

for one of the paid plans also will

automatically increase your earnings by

10 because they do not go into the

geoclaim pool and on top of that if you

go for the pro plan so for 34.99 per

month you'll actually get another 10 geo

claim bonus now i don't know if that

applies to the amount of coins that gets

added from your balance into the pool or

if that gets added to the geo claims

that you get out of the pool if you

staked your claim but what i know is

that it will also again increase your

earnings if you're using geo claims to

some extent now that we've covered geo

claims there's yet another passive

feature and that would be the bonus

drops and you can access that feature by

clicking on the purple box icon on the

right hand side of the screen and as you

can see those bonus drops happen once

per week and basically the more you use

coin up the more coins you accumulate

the higher your so-called bonus drop

power goes and therefore the higher the

reward that you get goes and as you can

see during the last 15 days i actually

received 625 coins just from that

background bonus feature and as you can

also see based on the small tags below

the progress bars if you go for one of

the paid subscriptions your multiplier

here will always start at

3.0 which means instead of starting your

week at a 1.0 multiplier and working

your way up usually the last two weeks i

reached 3.1 or so in a seven day period

well you already started 3.0 which means

your bonus drops every week will be

higher as well potentially probably at

least twice the amount that i get

probably even more and that pretty much

covers the passive burning features

within coinhip first of all you have

your hotel rewards for having coins

within coin app holding xyo tokens in a

verified wallet or providing liquidity

in uni swap second of all we have the

geo claims that you can do weekly where

basically at the beginning of the week

you spend a few seconds to pay for your

share and then you wait till the end of

the week to get your share of the

geoclaim and last but not least we have

the weekly bonus boxes or bonus drops

that you get for being active or using

the app and earning on geomining coins

and since that covers all the passive

ways to earn coins within coin app well

let's look at the active ways how you

can earn coins within coin app

especially since we mentioned when we

talked about the background rewards that

you have to use the app or at least have

it in the foreground a certain amount of

time per day or every couple of hours to

recharge the background rewards feature

and while it's sufficient to just have

the app in the foreground and use the

auto explore feature you obviously end

up earning more if you actively use the

app and actually take advantage from

some of the other things the app has to

offer first of all if we look on the

left hand side of the screen you can see

the play button which while you're using

the app actively is a great way to earn

more coin because it means for watching

ads you earn up to eight coins for

basically having an ad run for 30

seconds i'm not gonna watch the ad right

now but usually when i'm using the app

actively i'm watching every ad that

shows up because it's in my opinion one

of the fastest ways to earn coins

because you don't have to do anything

just let the ad play close it then you

earn a set up to eight coins there may

be ads that pay even higher rewards but

for me personally in the last two weeks

the highest one i saw was eight coins

and i actually see an eight coin ad at

least two or three times per day right

after watching ads while you're using

the app actively we're still staying on

the left hand side of the screen you see

this icon with the three stars above the

green play icon for the ads and that is

witnessing big geo claims now whenever

that icon appears and you press it you

will see a list of big geo claims and

you have to act fast to confirm them and

the first 200 witnesses so the first 200

people that confirm a geoclaim receive a

share of that claim and if you manage to

be among the first five depending on the

size of the geoclaim you'll actually are

able to get more than one coin in many

cases in rewards just for pushing that

button now there is no real purpose to

scrolling down and basically confirming

the geoclaims that you obviously already

missed unless you are planning to

eventually go for the master

subscription which is an invite only

subscription that basically provides you

with a few minor benefits compared to

the pro subscription but we're not gonna

cover that in this video because that

would require you anyway to have at

least six months of the pro subscription

and a few other requirements before you

can get invited in the first place one

thing to mention here with the big geo

minds or witnessing of big geo minds is

that whenever you open that window you

will see a refresh button at the bottom

and you can refresh the list three times

and will always take a couple of seconds

before that button recharges and you can

refresh it again and after that you

pretty much can only close the window

and basically move on with actively

using the app so whenever you're

actively using the app in my opinion the

best way to maximize your earnings is

watch every ad that is offered while

you're actively using the app and

whenever those star icons appear on the

left side above the play button

instantly press that and witness the big

geo claims to get your share of those

claims as well besides that obviously

the only other way to actively use the

app is to actually geo mine so you can

have the auto explore feature enabled

but to speed things up you could

manually clear tiles because as you

notice every time you geo mine a tile it

changes a little bit in color and then

it takes a few minutes for that tile to

be available again which slows down your

earnings however if you press on a tile

that has been geomined recently well you

can confirm this dialogue that you want

to play a mini game and then by playing

mini games like this one here you can

basically reset that tile instantly so

you basically can geomine the same tile

again which helps you to earn more coin

faster because you don't have to wait

that long and this is also one of the

things where it makes a difference if

you're on the free or on one of the paid

plans because in one of the paid plans

your mining speed is two to three times

faster depending on if you're on the

plus or the pro plan which again will

boost your earnings as well and those

are pretty much the active mining

features that you have available to

increase your earnings there is one

other thing it's kind of like a

semi-active or semi-passive feature and

that is called your home tile you will

learn about that during the tutorial for

sure so during the first 15 to 30

minutes of using the app manually

however in order for me to get it to

show up right now i actually would have

to focus on mining the same tile three

times so i would need to make sure that

i three times clear the same tile and

hopefully my auto explorer doesn't in

the meantime mine another tile and the

way you notice that your home tile is

activated is because you would see a

blue square around the tiles so there

would be a blue border that covers i

think three times three so a total of

nine tiles and on the left side above

the star icons you would see a house

icon now the home tile is very

interesting because what it does is for

every hour that you stay within that

home tile you receive a 10 boost up to

100 percent if you however geo mine

outside of that home tile it will reset

your bonus that you have from the home

tile and you could set a new home tile

personally i'm not a huge fan of the

home tile i have it enabled on two

devices that we anyway have running and

that are stationary so we have an

android phone that's somewhere in our

apartment and we have an ipad that's

somewhere on the other side of our

apartment and on both of them coin app

is pretty much running 24 7 in the

foreground and there the benefit is

obviously using the home tile and

getting the full hundred percent bonus

that even on the free plan we earn more

this way for you it will depend on how

much you actually move one reason why

i'm not a fan of the home tile is

because by default it's enabled with a

home shield which means if your blue dot

goes outside of the home tile it will

not automatically geo mine to prevent

the home tile from disappearing which

means for example let's say you go to

work at work the home tile appears

because you are mining the same location

three times and then you go for lunch

somewhere outside well you wouldn't geo

mine during your lunch time because the

home shield would prevent the order

mining from working outside of the home

tile so if you don't forget basically to

manually reset or remove the home tile

you would miss out on mining and overall

the 100 boost that the home tile gives

you after you spent nine or ten hours in

the same area is in my opinion not worth

it but it's still something i wanted to

mention and since i already brought it

up you might ask yourself does it make

sense to get additional devices and

place them throughout your apartment or

house to basically have them stationary

i don't think it is we already have

those devices and they're anyway running

for other reasons as well so we might as

well do it but i'm quite sure that it's

not profitable to specifically buy an

additional phone or tablet just for the

use with coin app however if you have

additional devices you might consider it

but you should also be aware that the

tiles that you see on the map actually

are shared so if my android phone on the

other side of the apartment would

actually currently mine those tiles it

would make it harder for my account to

earn more because those tiles would be

locked unless i'm actively using the app

and i'm actively clearing tiles as

showed by playing those mini games in

which case i can speed up the earning

for all devices because i can also clear

the tiles from other devices which would

show up in gray on the map then in that

case which then would mean they would

also be able to mine more one thing here

to point out this when another device is

mining next to you as said you will see

grey tiles on the map and there will be

another icon on the left hand side it's

kind of like a proximity thing and that

icon will indicate how many other users

are close by right now it doesn't work

completely reliable in my experience

because sometimes i can stand next to

our ipad and it doesn't show up however

there is also one thing to mention here

and that is if you are on the pro plan

and another user on the pro plan is next

to you you get another 10 bonus and that

bonus stacks up to a total of a hundred

percent so technically if 10 people with

a pro subscription would geo mine with

coin app in the same area so very close

to each other they all would receive a

percent bonus but on the other hand it

would also be harder to actually geomine

because obviously if there would be ten

points on the map right now geo mining

locations or tiles well unless most of

those users actively clear those tiles

by playing the mini games to free them

up quite instantly again you might

technically get a 100 bonus for having

nine other subscribed players around you

but in reality if nobody clears the

tiles it means that 9 out of ten tiles

will be mined by other users which

doesn't compensate for just getting a

hundred percent bonus i was playing with

the idea if it's worth to also get the

pro subscription for our other devices

but since i don't have the time to

actually actively make sure to rotate

them between foreground and background

to get the maximum out of the background

rewards i think it's a bad idea in just

burning money if you consider you have

multiple devices and getting

subscriptions for all of them to get the

additional bonus from the

close by proximity feature as a pro

subscriber or a plus subscriber but i

said it's something i also wanted to

mention and i know this video is already

way longer than my usual videos but i

wanted to make sure to cover all the

tips and tricks and methods how you can

earn a coin and we are almost done here

there's just one more thing left to

cover and that are the physical devices

and we can access them by pressing the

gray icon on the right side at the

bottom of the list so below this stack

of coins to see the available physical

devices right now and as you can see

there are currently two devices both are

called sentinel x one is called ble for

bluetooth low energy and the other one

is called nfc because it's a card with

an nfc chip they both have one basic

feature in common and that is that they

give you a 12 times boost or multiplier

on your geo mine earnings when you are

within proximity or when you basically

activate them in case of the nfc card

i'm going to mention or explain it in a

second further or give you a 10

boost if you are on a paid plan so if

you have one or both of those physical

devices on the paid subscription you get

10 more coins if you do it on the free

plan you get a 12 times multiplier the

one core difference between those two

devices is with the nfc card you will

have to tap it to your phone every three

to four hours to keep that 12 times

multiplier going which means it's not

possible for you to maintain that

multiplier throughout the night unless

you're only sleeping three to four hours

whereas with the bluetooth dongle all

you have to do is pair it with your

phone and anytime the bluetooth dongle

is within reach of your phone which

theoretically is up to 150 meters you

will receive the 12 times multiplier on

the free plan and i said the 10 boost on

the paid plans and besides that

difference so that the bluetooth dongle

works kind of passively as long as it's

nearby and the nfc card is something

that you'll have to tap to your phone

every couple of hours there's also one

other difference and that is how those

devices work with other geomine accounts

in the area with the nfc card it will

serve as your referral link so you can

link it with your coin app account and

whenever you tell somebody about coin

app you can just tap the card to their

phone assuming it has nfc or supports

nfc and it will open the coin app

download with your referral link and you

as a result will receive 10 referral

rewards for all the coins that they geo

mine whipping coin at with the bluetooth

dongle on the other hand it's even

better because every coin ab user that's

within range of that bluetooth dongle

will automatically help you earn a

little bit more they don't have to pair

their phone with the bluetooth dongle it

just has to be within reach and they

obviously would have to have bluetooth

enabled which i think most people have

constantly enabled anyway one thing i'm

not sure yet because i said i ordered

both of those devices and but i haven't

received them yet is if those bony will

stack up so if you get the bluetooth

dongle and the nfc card can you get

twice the 12 times multiplier or 20

boost on a paid plan or can you only use

one of those two personally i plan to

hang the bluetooth dongle somewhere in

the center of our apartment so that it

reaches my device but also reaches our

other two stationary devices and then on

the paid plan will give me a set a 10

boost while giving a 12 boost to our

stationery devices on the free plan and

the nfc card well that's just something

i got to also test it and see how it

works and to figure out if the bony in

the end stack and just in case you're

wondering now how you can get those

devices and if they're worth it usually

both of those devices are 50 one-time

purchase plus 12

shipping within the us or roughly 18

shipping internationally however right

now and that's the main reason why i

also went for the nfc card you can get

the nfc card by paying shipping fees

only which means you only pay 12 or 13

shipping within the us or 18 roughly

shipping internationally and you don't

have to pay for the card itself which

means obviously the nfc card while

probably slightly annoying because i

said you have to tap it to your phone

every couple of hours


easier to justify because you have to

earn less coins to actually receive

enough xyo tokens to make your money

back whereas with the bluetooth dongle

it will obviously take more time to earn

back the 60 to 70 dollars that you paid

for it including shipping one other nice

aspect with the bluetooth dongle is

however because it has the proximity

feature so you earn coins whenever other

coin abusers are in the area if you for

example notice that there are a bunch of

coin ab users in a specific coffee shop

well you could technically talk to the

owner if it's okay to place the

bluetooth dongle hang it somewhere in

the coffee shop and even if you wouldn't

be there because those people would then

be in proximity to your bluetooth dongle

you would earn more based on what they

earn so you would get a certain

percentage i'm not 100 sure about the

percentage but i think it's also 10

percent of what they geo mine which

means again if you are able to place

bluetooth dongles in multiple locations

where there are a lot of coin app users

well you would actually earn a lot more

coin in the long run however in the end

if we consider that cost you 50 to get

the bluetooth dongle ignoring shipping

fees right now and that for 10 000 coins

you get roughly five dollars worth of

xyo tokens it means that you need to

reach a hundred thousand coins to

basically make that investment back and

assuming that you get 10 rewards of the

coins that people geomine with coin app

in the proximity of your bluetooth

dongle well they would need to

technically geomine 1 million coins for

you to get those 100 000 back so it's

probably something very very long term

or you really know an area where there's

really a ton of coin app users as said

personally i ordered both devices and

depending on how complicated it is and

what kind of difference it makes i might

make separate videos about both devices

or i might end up making a video about

both devices combined to basically show

you how they work for me if they're

worth it how their range is within our

apartment and things like that and while

i think that for many users the devices

might not necessarily be worth it for

the completeness of this video i also

wanted to include and mention them and

that's pretty much it now since you're

still here you're among the smaller

percentage of users that is serious

about maximizing their earnings and i

hope you were able to take a lot of

information away from this video that

helps you to actually maximize your coin

earnings within coin app while reducing

the amount of time you spend as sad

unfortunately i cannot tell you for sure

if the pro or plus plan will be worth it

for you because it really depends a lot

on how your day is structured how

actively you can use the app and also on

other aspects like how big the weekly

geo claim in your area is for example

but you should now be able to judge that

for yourself and you should now also be

able to better know if it's worth it for

you to consider buying one of the

physical devices so either the nfc card

or the bluetooth dongle or not as always

if you have any questions about coin app

don't forget you can always leave them

in the comments down below however it

would be even better if you check the

description of the first pin comment

down below and use the link there to

join our discord community there you can

discuss coin app and pretty much any

other project that i reviewed in the

past with me and the community there

which means you get faster answers

because it's more like a chat and not

you write a comment somebody replies in

a few hours you reply in a few hours you

get the idea anyway thanks for watching

i hope you liked this video see you in

one of my other videos till then bye bye

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